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Case Studies Crystal Asfour

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Crystal Asfour is one of the biggest Egyptian corporations in terms of production, number of employees, stock and its competitiveness worldwide. That is why it was the center of attention of all warehouse equipment companies, but their offers were always turned down, due to the large workshops in their factories that produced their needs of storage shelves. However, with the evolution of their methods of production and the increase of their stocks, it became difficult to keep up their old ways, as they now had 64 sub-warehouses. Thus, Link Misr set a strategy aiming to change the mindset of warehousing managers, so as to convince them to have their first advanced warehouse.

Link Misr succeeded in having Asfour Crystal release their first tender to furnish a small warehouse, which was unfortunately won by a competitor for pure pricing reasons. Further to our consistent follow-up, came the right moment when they started to consider the idea of a central warehouse combining all warehouses (finished goods , half produced material & Raw material ).

We started to study this project with decision makers from all aspects in terms of the numbers of items, pallet size , current capacity, future needs, handling methods in the warehouse until we were able to develop the best design that suits it. The High rise Narrow pallet racking system (34000 Pallet position) with 14 m height was the right solution for their application . We were able to get the job despite the local and foreign competition. Asfour Crystal praised Link Misr's outstanding performance, due to quality of our product , sticking to a firm schedule and professional way of installation of such product .

And today after several years and until now, Asfour Crystal became one of our most prominent clients, and Link Misr became the only provider to all of Asfour Crystal's warehouses of all kinds.

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