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Case Studies Ibn Sina Pharma

Project: Ibn Sina Warehouse
Client: Ibn Sina Pharma
Products: Euro Shelving
Carton Flow Supported by Longspan Shelving System

Ibn Sina Pharma is an Egyptian Pharmaceutical Distribution company founded in 2001 by Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Gawad, alongside Egyptian investors and a French group (Eurapharma) as a joint-stock company under the name (Ibn Sina Laborex Pharma). In 2006, the Egyptian partner acquired the French shares, creating the fully owned Egyptian Ibn Sina Pharma. Ibn Sina Pharma has established itself as a leading company in pharmaceutical and Para-pharmaceutical distribution in Egypt, serving retail pharmacies, hospitals and all major healthcare units across the country. Ibn Sina started with one warehouse and now it owns about 40 warehouses.

Ibn Sina Pharma operates in the beginning on a small scale, with a few numbers of stock keeping units (SKU). Based on this, LinkMisr selected Carton flow system on Longspan structure & Euro system to be the ideal solution that suits their needs at this time. Ibn Sina Pharma continued growing and expanding and as a result the total number of SKU increased. Ibn Sina faced two main challenges, 1st Utilizing warehouse spaces efficiently to afford the increase in the number of SKU's, 2nd To improve and maintain Order's preparation time inside the warehouse to keep clients satisfied.

Linkmisr Solution & Benefits
Linkmisr International studied the situation and analyzed their challenges, and then they come up with more applicable solution that combines the Carton Flow System with the Euro Shelving System and Longspan system, but in their main warehouses they combine the Carton Flow System with the Pallet Racking System and the Drive in System. The final combination was a turning point for Ibn Sina Pharma, as it obviously improved the working flow, remarkably enhanced the preparation and the delivery process, and in the same time reduced the total expenditures paid. As a consequence, starting from 2006 till 2014 Ibn Sina opened more than 20 new warehouses, based on an expansion plan. LinkMisr International manufactures all Ibn Sina warehouses consecutively.

Carton Flow System
Carton Live storage or 'flow racking' operates on the same principle as pallet live storage, but is used for stock which needs to be hand-loaded and picked. Inclined trays of roller tracks, set at levels in the storage bays allow goods to roll under gravity down dedicated lanes within the trays, from the loading to the picking face. By using Linkmisr 's Carton Live storage system, order picking times are reduced and errors minimised, as not only are items presented precisely at the picking face but also effective management of the throughput and stock levels of goods can be easily maintained. Carton flow racking provides an excellent,labour and space-efficient method of 'first-in, first-out' storage,particularly in areas handling and using fast moving product lines.

Euro Shelving System
Euro shelving offers you a choice of components - Side frames in a variety of depths, shelves in three duties , and shelf support clips for easy fixing. Euro shelving is available open backed or clad to match your precise specifications.
  1. Euro utilize box section construction at the front and rear for load bearing strength and rigidity.
  2. Shelf support clips have been specially developed for the euro shelving system.for safety , their design helps prevent accident shelf dislodgment whilst being extremely ease to use.
  3. Simply slot the clip into the uprights to create an extremely rigid yet allowing for quick and easy repositioning of shelves.
  4. Shelves locate at 50 mm increments as standard for maximum versatility in shelf positioning.

Ibn Sina Pharma Case Study PDF file

  " Right from the start, Linkmisr Company impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed an effective solution to the problem of storage system . By partnering with linkmisr Company, they have been able to consistently created high density, capacity solutions, & maximizing floor space with high quality product. Because of its years of experience, Linkmisr Company has been able to provide ibn sina pharma with best product quality, our experience with Linkmisr Company confirms to us that we've partnered with true leaders in the storage systems industry. "

Mohamed Adel
Operations Manager
Ibn Sina Pharma

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